Building your Platform with a Crowd Valley Starter Application

This webinar explains how to set up an initial version of your platform in minutes by using one of Crowd Valley's Starter Applications, which are available at www.github.com/crowdvalley.


Executive Webinar on Digital Finance Market Outlook; Growth, Trends and Data May 2016

Crowd Valley CEO Markus Lampinen make an overview of trends and data from the digital finance market since the start of the year and give tangible examples around market development and its practical implications.


Executive Webinar, Predictions and Trends 2016

The first Executive Webinar of 2016 with Crowd Valley CEO Markus Lampinen talking about the trends will we see in 2016 in the fintech industry.


Building a Title III Crowdfunding Platform with the Difitek API

This webinar runs through the high-level features and compliance requirements of a crowdfunding platform that will operate under Title III. It explains how to use the Difitek API to implement those requirements in code.


Building Real Estate platforms with the Difitek API

This webinar runs through the most common features and constituent pages of an online real estate funding platform. It gives examples of front-end sites and it explains how to use the Difitek Platform API to implement those features.


Introduction to building with the Difitek API

This webinar runs through the structure and format of the Difitek API. It covers authentication, working with core objects, adding custom fields, and working with third-party services. We runs through the basic steps required to implement some typical processes that we see in crowdfunding, P2P lending, real estate and securities platforms. This is focused on technical details rather than business processes or the market in general.


Global Insight from Crowd Valley's CEO Markus Lampinen

A Global Insight dial in event where you will hear digital investing market insight first hand from our CEO. Covered global insight of digital investing markets development, trends across continents of operations, North America, South America, EMEA and Asia, trends across asset classes such as private company, property and renewables and project finance, interesting case examples and things to keep an eye out for.


Introduction to building your online finance marketplace

This webinar covers the first, basic steps required to go from a new business idea or high-level specification into a set of operational processes for your online crowdfunding, P2P lending, real estate or securities platform. This is focused on business processes and entering the market in general.