Difitek is hiring extremely talented and motivated individuals that believe that twenty years from now, financial services and the investing market will look vastly different from how they look today.

Below are some open positions and details on how to apply for the roles. Be advized, Difitek offers opportunities for talented individuals to build out their own roles and skills in the new, growing industry. It includes all those skills associated to pioneering a new, global market. Past experience is important and beneficial, but truly, a willingness to learn and attitude are absolutely critical. If you are looking for a safe journey, this will not be it.

Partner Coordinator

Difitek's success builds on the success of its Certified Partners. You will be working with partner acquisition and onboarding, partner support and coordination, and research and development as it comes to new ways of making our partners operations more successful.

Strong communication skills and native English are a must. Background in technology and a relevant industry vertical count favorably. Strong incentives align this role with the organizations goals.

Research and development

Working with our digital infrastructure demands a holistic approach for translating business requirements into technical reality. Areas of interest include front end / client side application work, backend work, technical process development around material, SDK, developer support. Get in touch to discuss our infrastructure and approach.


We are offering an assistant position in a few locations in the organization, working with management of the company. You would work with a variety of administrative functions across the company's operations and activities, support operative individuals in ongoing work including sales and marketing, communications and human resources.

Requirements include previous experience with systematic planning and administrative work, willingness to learn and a pro-active attitude with problem solving skills. Strong written and spoken English is required, with international experience a big plus.

This position is intended as a springboard, meaning that a significant investment and success in it will open up many opportunities within the broader organization.


A position for a highly energetic and results driven professional, who can deliver both long and short term. Strong incentives for success guarantee a mutually valuable relationship and access to highly relevant audiences in both the financial services industry as well as other securities markets.

Internship / Trainee Positions Available

We understand that what we are working on is a complex phenomenon, but also in a market that's unpredictable and filled with uncertainty. Therefore we make it a point to be able to offer a step by step approach, wherein getting to know us and how we work is a priority, all the while doing important work. Don't let the title fool you, several of our brightest have started out in this way.


Are you the perfect candidate for our growing team? Apply below and argue your case. We’re always open to brilliant people that can achieve great things in this transformational market.

To apply, please email us your updated resume to