Enabling Innovation in Financial Services

Modern and robust API-first platform with scalable serverless architecture, powerful integrations, intuitive Cloud Back Office and Bank Grade Security. All accessible through a single online interface layer (API).

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Key Benefits

Difitek offers a robust API-first platform suited for Fintech applications of any scale.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Serverless Architecture with Bank Grade Security.

  • Leverage real-time data

    Every API process runs asynchronously as a serverless microfunction to ensure the fastest response times and the most secure data processing.

  • Transform cost structure

    Choose from variable, per use pricing investment or from efficient fixed long term packages available. Regardless, no capex investment. What can you achieve if cost is not a blocker?


Difitek Architecture

Serverless. Open Source. Secure.

Difitek's serverless architechture is the cutting edge adoption of modern cloud computing. The Difitek API layer seamlessly interfaces with the client layer and the third party API layer with functions being executed asynchronously between them. It enables high scalability and enforces security by reducing the risk of DDoS attacks as there is no single point of failure.

Core Features

  • Fast & Scalable

    Serverless architecture enables the API process to run asynchronously to ensure the fastest response time. Ease of scalability around the world regardless of sudden spikes in the usage.

  • Bank Grade Security

    Pushing the envelope on security standards, 2,048 bit encryption, 3,000+ daily tests and long-term modular product architecture.

  • Open Source

    Customers can also build their own Back Office using their own preferred framework using the Difitek API.

Fintech API Market

Connect to 100+ Best in Class Services

Seamlessly integrate with over 100 third-party services from our end to end API marketplace, access end to end financial services functions through the API and use them together with our Intelligent Connectivity Layer to create smart automated workflows.

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Customer Cases

Reduced client onboarding time by six weeks for a compliance department that leveraged automated, real-time data verification and compliance lookups.

Enabled an organization with the creation of a token to facilitate efficient reconciliation of syndicate investments in private equity.                                     

Increased distribution online and automated match making for middle market companies by the equities division of a top tier European bank.

Enabled real-time pricing and transparency to the loan process of a commercial lender utilizing dynamic data points from online sources.

Enabled multiple Real Estate companies to provide their clients with the opportunity to invest in high quality, pre-vetted residential and mixed-use development projects alongside professional and institutional investors.

Created an innovative global platform that connects and supports private, public, and philanthropic investors for blended finance deals in emerging and frontier markets whilst engaging all stakeholders.