Credit Peers is a Peer-to-Business (P2B) property lending platform revolutionising the way you lend or borrow.

Invest in Galliard Properties from £5,000.

An independent property crowdfunding platform that provides investors with the opportunity to invest in high quality, pre-vetted residential and mixed-use development projects alongside professional and institutional investors.

Kobo Funds is an International Investment network built around a community of experienced venture partners providing pre-screened opportunities to qualified investors.

Exclusive Real Estate Investments led by Institutions. Invest alongside institutions in exclusive deals that have reached at least 50% of the funding target.

Shojin Property Partners is a full-service property finance and development company based in Central London.

Gooseberry aumenta las posibilidades de inversión y de acceso a capital. Cree en un sistema financiero más incluyente y más justo en el que todos tengan oportunidad de invertir, las ideas puedan convertirse en empresas y éstas tengan oportunidad de crecer.

TradeUp is the premier growth capital platform for globalizing tech companies, an outperforming segment. We help globally growing tech companies with their most critical capital needs. TradeUp helps you raise $3 million - $100 million in equity and long-term debt from leading institutional investors, such as elite VCs and corporate strategics in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Yielders UK is a crowdfunding property investment platform that puts UK property investment within your reach. Our assets are already funded and provide pre-defined rental incomes, which means our investors have the potential to start earning returns almost immediately.

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