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Our clients create transparent and efficient securities marketplaces that are future-proof, flexible, more secure, and built faster than what was possible before today.

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difitek alternative asset funding


We've done it before. Over a hundred successful deployments across the globe.

With our clients, we’ve worked on building dynamic investing services on the users’ terms, with cost and business model transformation.

Together, we’ve created access for individual investors from a low investment threshold, to institutional and professional investors looking to diversify or co-invest.

Integration and Benefits

User Onboarding

  • Manage your users.
  • Create workflows that incorporate acceptance criteria.
  • Set compliance requirements and integrated KYC/AML services.

Deal Origination

  • Efficient and robust origination workflow.
  • Improved security and usability.
  • End to end process that allows you to focus on your business.

Closing & Settlement

  • Comprehensive and robust audit logs.
  • Seamless integration with your trusted custodian.
  • All data is standardized, exportable and available at your fingertips.

Yield Distribution

  • Set up robust dividend or re-payment schedules.
  • Track and monitor each and every transaction.

Payments & Escrow

  • Integrate payments & incorporate 3rd party escrow providers.
  • Track transactions from inception to settlement.
  • Manage all activities from your admin dashboard.

Client Testimonials

Alessandro Tosi - Kobo Funds
"Since 2013 Difitek has proven to be a powerful system to build Kobo Funds, our platform aimed at enabling 130k+ industry experts as venture partners for startups and SMEs' capital raising projects, including the companies belonging to London Stock Exchange Group's ELITE. The solutions provided have shown a high degree of flexibility in bringing to the market an alternative investment banking environment which addresses both funding and talent gaps."
Alessandro Tosi - Kobo Funds
Alessandro Tosi
Kobo Funds
Candace Johnson
"The Difitek platform is quite extraordinary and could play a major role in enabling business angels to take advantage of crowdfunding and online syndication opportunities. We at EBAN truly believe that such platforms can greatly enhance the activities of business angels and we are excited to be bringing this initiative to our members."
Candace Johnson
Candace Johnson

Forward-Thinking Businesses using Difitek

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