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Key Benefits

Difitek offers a robust API-first platform suited for Fintech applications of any scale. Choose from Turnkey Solutions or the full suite of technical functions you need.

Modern InfrastructureServerless Architecture with Bank Grade Security.
Regulatory Functions & Business ToolsSupport from KYC and AML, moving funds, recording and reporting positions, to repayments, liquidity functions and secondary markets.
Cost Effective to OperateYou get a modern and bank grade secure solution that is easy to use and manage, at a 1/100th of traditional banking IT costs. We automate and streamline processes, substantially lowering the cost of operations and opening up radically new opportunities to build finance services.

Difitek Architecture

Serverless. Open Source. Secure.

Difitek's serverless architecture is the cutting edge adoption of modern cloud computing. The Difitek API layer seamlessly interfaces with the client layer and the third party API layer with functions being executed asynchronously between them. It enables high scalability and enforces security by reducing the risk of DDoS attacks as there is no single point of failure.

Core Features

Fast & ScalableServerless architecture enables the API process to run asynchronously to ensure the fastest response time. Ease of scalability around the world regardless of sudden spikes in the usage.
Bank Grade SecurityPushing the envelope on security standards, 2,048 bit encryption, 3,000+ daily tests and long-term modular product architecture.
One Stop ShopCustomers can also build their own Back Office using their own preferred framework using the Difitek API.

Fintech API Market

Connect to 100+ Best in Class Services

Seamlessly integrate with over 100 third-party services from our end to end API marketplace, access end to end financial services functions through the API and use them together with our Intelligent Connectivity Layer to create smart automated workflows.

Function Segments

difitek function segments

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